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An organic approach to architecture is a response to the human need to create built environments that have a clear relationship to nature as a living entity.
Architecture creates a social and cultural setting for the occupants. Our practice aspires to create buildings that support the physical needs and enliven the soul qualities and spiritual aspirations of its inhabitants.
The architectural expression of our projects can be experienced as having a corresponding resonance to the laws and life forces of the genius loci.  
When the essence of the function in its context can be experienced in gesture, form and material, supportive interaction between individuals and truly human values can be encouraged.  

With respect to this the philosopher Rudolf Steiner said:

“Where ever art is formed from a truly artistic conviction it bares witness to the connection of the human being with the super-sensible world.”

“All architecture consists in projecting into the space outside ourselves the laws of our own human body.” 

An ecological awareness is central to the design process, which includes the use of healthy, sustainable materials and building methods. A close working relationship with the client body is a strong feature of our practice.

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